The origin of the Surname Briscoe

One who came from a place named Briscoe, from the Old Norse "birkiskogr," meaning "birchwood, wood of the birches."

This surname originates in Cumberland and Yorkshire in North England. Though so far the Briscoe line has only been traced back in Lancashire. There are a large number of Briscoe's in Cumberland, but no link has yet been established with them. Some of the Briscoes however did live in Westmorland for a time, though they were born and raised in Liverpool and returned there.

The Briscoe Family

Bricoe is my main Maternal line, Mary Isabel Briscoe being my mother.

The line has been traced back to Thomas Briscoe possibly born around 1740 in the Liverpool area. The first definitive record is his son William born in 1766 but not christened until 1797 which is around the time he married at St Nicolas's, Liverpool. There is still however still some uncertainly about this person and the oldest definitive details are for his marriage on 5th September 1797.

The Briscoe Tree

use this link to access the Briscoe part of the family tree.

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