The Fung A Pan Surname

Nothing is currently known about the origin of this surname.

The Fung A Pan Family

Joseph Fung A Pan came to Georgetown on the Whirlwind which left 24 Dec 1859 and arrived 11 March 1860 he was a 20 year old Pedlar and said to come from the village of Poon Ye. He was sent to Montrose Estate.

The Ship Whirlwind, after a quick run of only 78 days, arrived yesterday from China with 377 Immigrants, of whom 56 are females. Not a single death occurred on the passage. On the vessel entering the river, His Excellency the Governor, Mrs. WODEHOUSE, the Honble. WILLIAM WALKER, and Mrs. WALKER, and other ladies and gentlemen went on board to look at the newcomers, who appeared in excellent health and spirits. As few persons have had an opportunity of seeing a Chinese female, the arrival of a batch of 56, necessarily excites considerable interest. The health of the immigrants can be partly ascribed to the cleanliness and excellent arrangements on board, but partly also, and perhaps chiefly, to care in selecting only such as were likely to answer, and were in fit condition to undertake the voyage. [Royal Gazette, 13 Mar 1860]

The married folks occupied the after part of the vessel, and were separated from the single men by a screen; each couple had separate accommodation, so as to secure privacy, and at the same time the partitions dividing, what might be termed the berths, were scarcely five feet in height, in order not to check the circulation of air. The centre and fore-part of the ship were allotted to people from Hong Kong and Canton, the two being separated to prevent collision between them. About a dozen others occupied the long-boat the whole passage, as they were not on good terms with any of the Hong Kong or Canton immigrants, but, before leaving the ship, the feeling of mutual distrust seemed to have disappeared. . . . [Royal Gazette, 23 Mar 1860]

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The Fung A Pan Tree

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