Genealogy of the Steel Family

This Steel Family originates in the Cumberland and Westmorland areas of Northern England. There has been a long line of John and Joseph Steel's so far traced back to the late 1700's, the earliest coming from Crackenthorpe near Appleby.

Later branches appear to be centred around Bolton-Morland though with known branches in Kirkby Stephen and Kendal.

My Maternal side is Briscoe which seems to have originated in the Liverpool area, though they married into other families which come from Scotland and although not proven yet possibly Ireland, this line has so far been traced back to about 1770.

The main known surnames associated with my family tree are shown in the panel below, just click on the required surname to go to the appropriate part of the family tree. However there are over 250 different surnames in the full tree.

Current Family Tree

The family tree goes back several generations, Pages have been created for all the family names back to Great Great Grandparents and you can see more details by clicking on the following links.


Paternal Lines
Maternal Lines

The current version of the on line tree is October 2020 this has not yet been fully styled but the content is there and contain up to date information. There are now 2170 individuals in 649 families in the tree spanning back to approximately 1550. There are over 250 Surnames.

Note: In some cases the individual will be shown as having a Privacy filter, this is generally individuals who are still living but because of the way the program works it can insert this where there is no birth date in the database.

Genealogy Database

A database is under development where information is placed that has not yet been put into the on line tree. It may also contain additional facts for entries in the tree. Use the Database link in the main menu at the top of the page to get to it.

You will need a password to access this database and you can obtain one from me by using the contact page to ask for one. It is under password access to ensure there is some control over who has access to this data. In applying for a password you agree to the terms of use of this database, which is simply that you may use the information for personal purposes only, it may not be re-published anywhere else or used for any commercial purpose without my express written approval.

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Additional Genealogy Notes

Please select the Documents menu item at the top of the page to go to the notes page, here you will find various notes and documents. Some of these documents will be marked Restricted and a password is required to access them, this is mainly for privacy purposes where they main contain data on living people, the same password as issued for the database will give access to these documents. Not all of these will have been fully researched but are put there to help anyone researching similar lines, if you have any queries on these notes then please contact me. In addition from the notes page you can download different versions of the family tree for your own personal use.

IMPORTANT: Non of this data may be used for commercial purposes or published in any other form. If you wish to use this information, other than privately in your own family research please contact me first.

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