The Surname Graham

The surname Graham is often thought to be a Scottish surname and is found frequently in Scotland, however it originates from the town of Grantham in Lincolnshire. The Domesday Book refers to Grantham as Graham.

The name was possibly taken north by Sir William de Graham in the 12th century where the clan was established in the Montrose area. It is probably that many Graham's today decend from this clan.

The name was possibly taken to Ireland in the 17th century and adopted by the O'Greachain's , Gormley's and Greyhan's. Today it is the 7th most popular name in Ireland.

The Graham Family

So far this line of Graham's that married into the Steel line came from North Cumberland, just south of the Scottish border and it is likely they were of Scottish origin, though this has not been proved yet.

The Graham Tree

use this link to access the Graham part of the family tree.

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