The Surname Lightfoot

The Surname Lightfoot is of Old English origin and is made up of the words Leoht which meand light and fot which is foot. This surname would normally be applied to those who were nimble of foot or fast runners. Occasionally it could be the occupational surname given to a messenger.

The name seems to originate in Oxfordshire from well before the Norman occupation. The link to Westmorland is not yet known.

The Lightfoot Family

The Lightfoot family in my tree seem to have originated in Great Orton in Cumberaland and have been traced back to John Lightfoot who was born about 1769. The progression seems to have been south via Hesket and Penrith until my Grandmother who was born in Melmerby in Cumbrland married John Henry Steel.

The Lightfoot Tree

use this link to access the Lightfoot part of the family tree.

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