The Slack Surname

The Slack surname has two possible origins. The first being a locational name derived from Old Norse "Slakki" meaning a shallow valley. This became an Old English word of Slack, meaning the same thing. Or is could be derived from the Old English term "Slaec" meaning lazy and applied to such people. A Nicholas Slac was recorded in Yorkshire in 1275, though the earliest known recording was of Gerebod de Slac in Lincolnshire in 1195.

The Slack Family

The Slack family in the tree go back to Joseph Slack probably born around 1710 and living at Newbiggin Hall when his son John was born in 1738. They seem to be a prominent farming family in the area, later moving into Skirwith Hall.

There is a Slack family gravestone in Kirkland Church (Skirwith):


In Memory Of

Adam Slack of Skirwith Hall who died April 27th 1856 aged 74 years
also Hannah his wife who died April 27th 1866 aged 60 years
and also of Sarah wife of Isaac Slack of Skirwith Hall who died June 14th 1863 aged 32 years
also Rowland Braithwaite their son who died July 27th 1859 aged 7 years
also William Isaac their son who died January 11th 1863 aged 18 months
also of Agnes Ann wife of Isaac Slack who died April 2nd 1874 aged 23 years
also of Isaac Slack of Skirwith Hall who died June 25th 1887 aged 55 years
also of Jane wife of the above Isaac Slack who died July 13th 1887 aged 36 years.

In 1867 Adam Slack won the first day of the Langwathby Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling. This is probably the son of the Adam mentioned above

The Slack Tree

use this link to access the Slack part of the family tree.

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