The Fung Surname

Nothing is currently known about the origin of this surname.

The Fung Family

The first Chinese arrived in British Guiana in 1853. The Chinese came in two distinct periods. First, they came to work as indentured labourers on the sugar plantations (in 1853, 1859-1866, 1874 and 1879) and it was in 1859 that Joseph Fung A Pan arrived on the Whirlwind.

The Chinese were brought in as there was an acute shortage of labour caused by the departure of the ex-slaves after the abolition of slavery in 1834 and the ending of apprenticeship in 1838.

Only 13,533 came in 39 ships during this period and many died or migrated to Suriname, Trinidad, St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Most of the Chinese who migrated to Guyana are basically "Cantonese" in origin and came from a small region in southern Kwangtung (Guangdong) province, a 7,000 square mile cluster of districts within a semi-circle around the triangle of cities on the Pearl River delta: Macao, Canton and Hong Kong. It is believed that Joseph Fung A Pan originated in the village of Poon Ye. This is possibly Poon Yu/Pan Yu/Pun Yue and currently Panyu around 50km north west of Hong Kong.

The rest came from Fukien (Fujian) province and from districts just across the Fukien-Kwangtung border, mainly from Amoy and Swatow.

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The Fung Tree

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