The Surname Stamper

There are several thoughts on the origin of the Surname Stamper. It may be English with German or French origins. It is possible it refers to the origin of the name which came from Etamps in Normandy, France and was probably brought over with William the Conqueror. It is also an occuplational surname assigned to those who stamped coin, a job that was often done locally in earlier times.

The Stamper Family

The first recorded spelling of this surname is Sir John de Stamps of Etampes in France who was recorded in 12th Century Pipe Rolls in London.

In the current tree the earliest Stamper is Joseph Stamper born in Appleby in about 1797, who moved to Watermillock possibly after marrying Jane Cockbaine who lived in that area.

The Stamper Tree

use this link to access the Stamper part of the family tree.

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